One Course, All the Information

This 10 module course touches on every aspect of scouting.

  • Each of the 5 tools explained in detail with text, video and audio lessons

  • Pitching broken down into delivery, arm action and descriptions of the different pitch types.

  • Learn how to grade out players and use terminology to write a scouting report

Begin to Watch the Game Through a Different Lens

Start to correlate with what you see with your eyes to the grading system.

Course Feedback

I highly recommend Scout School 360 if you are a coach, scout, or just a student of the game. Mike does a great job of breaking down the scouting process. Learning tools, approaches, and grading are just a few things that you will learn in this course. On top of all of that, he will take time out of his busy day to make time for you. I have had numerous zoom calls with Mike to discuss my scouting process and tips on how I can improve. I cannot thank Mike enough for everything that he has done for me. - Zac P. Associate Scout, Atlanta Braves

“Someone asked me once — this was back when there was all this debate about old school and new school — which category I fit into: ‘Am I old school or new school?’ I said, ‘No, I’m in school.’ I’m trying to learn every day. Like Art Stewart. He’s always been in school. He’s 93 years old, and he embraces the analytics, just like he embraced all the information way back when he first started. Art was with the Royals the first year they became a franchise. So there’s a lot to learn. We all have a lot to learn.” - Dayton Moore